We are very happy with the services provided, they took a grat care of my girl. I had to breed her that day but she wouldn’t go for natural breeding, we called this hospital and squized us in, knowing that timing is critical! The doctor and stuff are very friendly, services are very affordable, cheaper than any other place we’ve been, totally worth a 2 hour drive!!
-Alisa C.

I was recommended to Dr. Dove by friend and experience dog owner/lover. Our visit was great, they educated me on the vaccines and procedures, were attentive and patient with my questions and concerns, answered everything in lamen terms. I have a large breed dog which has more health concerns and requires a vet that knows the breed/group. Dr. Dove knows large breeds and is excellent in educating and working with patients/owners. I recommend Dr. Dove and his staff to all dog owners I know.

My Great Dane was bred here, born (in the middle of the night during a storm I might add) here, and continues to be seen here by Dr. Dove and his staff. he is very experienced in large breeds. He and his staff are WELL WORTH the drive and don’t let the location/appearance fool you.
-Wendy B.