Just like humans, your pet needs medicine too. If your pet is ill, sick, or otherwise under the weather, contact us and ask about our pet medicine in Gainesville. We offer our pet medicine in Gainesville at an affordable price and we’ll even give you some tips on the best methods of administering your pet’s medicine.

For more information on the medicine we carry or to schedule an appointment for your exotic or traditional pet, contact the Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville today.

Internal pet medicine services with cutting edge technologies

While many pet owners are quick to notice external medical issues with their pet, few have the ability to see what is going on inside their pet’s body. Everything from parasites to cancers and hormonal disorders can go undetected, which results in an uncomfortable and distressed pet. Thankfully, veterinarians across the world are here to help alleviate your pet’s internal suffering and improve its quality of life.

At Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville, we focus on diagnosing and treating diseases of the internal systems of your pet. Where the diagnosis is known, we may confirm the diagnosis and treatment, providing peace of mind. If a diagnosis is proving elusive we may be better able to refine it.

  • Biopsies of masses, internal organs, or bone marrow
  • Infectious diseases
  • Chronic vomiting or diarrhea

Flea prevention and medications

In addition to offering essential pet medications in Gainesville, such as diabetes medicine and similar prescriptions, we also provide heartworm and flea medications.

There are many incorrect notions about fleas. For one thing, fleas are more than just pests. These insects transmit diseases and are similar to mosquitoes. For example, imagine if you had mosquitos living in your hair, drinking your blood, and irritating you all day and all night.

Now imagine if these mosquitos caused allergy dermatitis, tape worms, Hemobartonella, anemia, and even the plague. You would want to get rid of these pests as soon as possible! So why would you allow fleas to make your pet’s fur their home?

Rid your pet or pets of their pesky neighbors by having Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville provide you with pet medications. In Gainesville, we provide pet medicines that can treat heartworms, fleas, and more serious health conditions as well. Contact us today for more information.

We carry all types of pet medications and flea prevention options. Fleas cause allergy dermatitis, tape worms, anemia, and worse. Keep your dog or cat flea free all year long with monthly applications. We also offer annual heartworm testing and medication

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