Routine dental check-ups and cleaning for cats and dogs

We learn from a young age that brushing our teeth is important for good dental health, fresh breath and to prevent cavities. The same is true for our pets! Without proper dental care, pets can develop infections in the mouth, gum disease, bad breath and other problems.

Dentistry is an important part of your animal’s overall health. Signs of dental disease include bad breath, pain when eating, and drooling. Pets should have a dental check-up periodically and teeth should be assessed and cleaned under anesthesia. Systemic disease has also been linked to dental disease. For example, bacteria from an infected or abscessed tooth can spread through the bloodstream and make an animal sick.

The best way to avoid dental disease is to try to prevent it. And the best way to prevent dental disease is to brush your pet’s teeth daily. We also recommend that your pet’s mouth be examined every year during as part of a regular check-up. It is also best to have your pet cat or dog teeth cleaning in Gainesville once per year under general anesthesia.

  • Complete X-rays performed
  • Periodic cleanings under anesthetic
  • Services for cats and dogs

Keep dental decay away!

Even cats and dogs, are susceptible to dental disease, such as inflamed gums, tartar and plaque build-up, abscessed or rotten teeth, oral cancers, and other lesions of the mouth. Having your cat’s teeth cleaned once per year is an especially a good idea since most cats do not cooperate with our attempts to brush their teeth.

Ignoring your pet’s oral health is never a good idea! Often, oral health issues can cause an animal extreme pain and discomfort, and result in loose or missing teeth. Proper pet teeth care in Gainesville and elsewhere in the world is incredibly important, so never ignore your pet’s teeth! Contact us today to set up an oral hygiene appointment.

Prevention is key. Many pet owners find their pets tolerate daily brushing at home and there are many products available at local pet stores to continue good oral health, including flavored tooth pastes and dental chew toys.

Our veterinary dentists in Gainesville have the skill and experience needed to provide proper and correct oral hygiene and oral surgical procedures. Whether you own an exotic pet or a traditional cat or dog, our veterinary dentists in Gainesville will provide exceptional oral care for your animal companion.

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Though we are not board-certified veterinary dentists in Gainesville, our doctors can address most of your pet’s dental and general health care needs. Our services are available to all of the pets living in the Northern Virginia areas of Gainesville, Manassas, Bull Run, Linton Hall, Bristow, Haymarket, and Sudley.