Quality boarding for your dog or cat while you’re away

Don’t worry about who’s going to watch your pets the next time you’re away. We have a clean boarding facility with reliable employees offering the perfect place to leave your fur babies. We provide loving care and exercise at least 3 times a day for your dog.

  • Personalized and individual attention
  • Fresh air and exercise during regular leash time
  • Regular feedings of healthy foods and fresh water

At Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville, we provide more than just medical services for your pet! We have a fully functioning facility that can handle all of your pet boarding needs. Whether you own a dog or a cat or a bird or a rabbit or a guinea pig, we can comfortably and safely provide shelter for your furry friend while you are out of town.

The veterinarians and staff at Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville are also pet owners just like you. So we understand all of your concerns when boarding your furry companion because we have those same concerns. Rest assured our Gainesville pet boarding center will treat your pet just like it was our own.

Rest easy leaving your pet with veterinarians

Unlike most boarding facilities, we are run by veterinarians so you can rest easy knowing that your dog is under the care of medical professionals. We genuinely love animals and can deal with any medical issues that may arise.

Dog Boarding

Some boarding centers are truly detestable. They overcrowd their kennels, never walk the animals, and feed the animals substandard food. Thankfully, our Gainesville dog boarding center is nothing like those substandard services.

We love dogs! In fact, Dr. Dove is the owner and breeder of a 2011 Westminster Winner, so when you leave your dog at our Gainesville dog boarding center you’ll know that your best friend won’t be shut away in a dark room.

We walk all of our guests at least three times a day so that they can go to the bathroom and enjoy the outdoor weather. Also, we are veterinarians, so you can rest easy knowing that your dog is under the care of medical professionals who also genuinely love animals and who can deal with any medical issues that may arise.

Cat Boarding

Unlike dogs, cats are typically not social animals. Apart from lions, cats live relatively solitary lives. However, that doesn’t mean a cat won’t form a close and loving bond with its owner. So when you have to leave town, don’t load up the food bowl and hope for the best; contact us and ask about our Gainesville cat boarding services.

Our Gainesville cat boarding services will ensure that your kitty stays safe, well fed, and happy while you are away. Please keep in mind that whether you are boarding a dog or cat, all of our pet guests must have the proper vaccinations or we won’t be able to legally board them. However, we are a veterinary clinic, so if you do need vaccinations for your pet, you can talk to a veterinarian and make the proper arrangements.

For quality and reliable boarding for your cat or dog call us today for reservations 703-754-8387

Contact the Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville for all of your Gainesville pet boarding needs.

From cats to dogs we will care for your pet as if your pet was our own. We board pets from

Gainesville, Manassas, Bull Run, Linton Hall, Bristow, Haymarket, and Sudley, VA.