Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville, PC

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Gainesville, VA 20155



Veterinarian Services

We've been providing experienced medical treatment to pets and companion animals for over 38 years in the Gainesville, VA area.  Dr. Dove also examines and treats exotic pets.


Vets you can trust

Reproductive Experts

Dr. Dove, owner of Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville, is well known and highly regarded in the United States and abroad as an expert in the field of canine reproduction.


Dog breeding specialists

Laser Therapy

Whether you own a large breed of dog or a small cat,  we can comfortably and safely provide shelter for your furry friend while you are out of town for work or vacation.


Professional boarding

Quality Dental Care

We learn from a young age that brushing our teeth is important for good dental health, fresh breath and to prevent cavities.  The same is true for our pets, so call us for an appointment today.


Complete dental care